The Wall Street Journal just came out with its annual rankings of business schools and the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth is ranked number one.

The Tuck School is a client of my PR firm and we are delighted.  Not only is the school a client, but my son Benjamin, who graduated Dartmouth College, attended a four-week boot camp  this past August for college grads.  Ben is close to getting a job offer — thanks to Tuck — details to follow 🙂

I was up on Hanover, New Hampshire late last month where I interviewed Dean Paul Danos.  We spoke about a number of economic issues including the battered private equity markets, regulation and the problems with IPO’s and the opportunities for for entrepreneurs to "exit" their companies. 

Dean Danos says that many corporations have a "ton of cash" on their balance sheets and are looking for acquisitions for growth and market dominance. 

We have seen this time and again in Silicon Valley. This was demonstrated last week with Yahoo!’s acquisition of BuzzTracker.  (Belated congrats to Kara Swisher for breaking this one.)  And, there’s another big acquisition by Yahoo today — this one of Zimbra.

For an indepth look the state of funding for Web 2.0 companies, check out this story from VentureBeat by  Eric Eldon.

— Andy Plesser

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