Earlier today, Microsoft released the final version of Silverlight 1.0, the new cross-browser, cross platform plug-in for viewing rich media including games and video. 

One of the most significant uses of Silverlight is its implementation on the Entertainment Tonight site.  ET moved to Silverlight this afternoon. 

Last week, our video producer David Kavanaugh visited the office of IdentityMine, the Tacoma, Washington-based design and software implementation shop that brought Silverlight to ET site.  LA-based REZN8 was also a participant in the project.   

David met IdentityMine co-founder Chad Brown for a tour of the "war room" of designers working on the big Hollywood site.  Lots of functionality with the new platform – users can create virtual mash-ups, one designer tells Beet.TV

Grab the embed code of this interview.

— Andy Plesser