The sub-prime mortgage mess has many implications:  new barriers to getting a mortgage, the tumbling stock market, and yes, maybe trouble getting investment dollars for that cool start-up.

In the digital economy, the  shake-out in the  mortgage industry could make a big hit on online advertising with troubled marketers in the home finance market, like Countrywide.  Larry Dignan at ZDNet weighs in with an analysis as does Rafat Ali over at PaidContent.

To understand how this all has happened, here’s my interview John Vogel at the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth.  Professor Vogel is an expert on the real estate industry. He gives a sobering overview on the root and implications of the sub-prime crisis.  I was up in Hanover, New Hampshire earlier this month for this interview.

Here at Beet.TV, we’re going to explore more business strategy and finance issues in the weeks ahead.  These things affect us all. Stay tuned.

— Andy Plesser

Coming clean:  The Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth is a public relations client of Plesser Holland.