NewTeeVee is a highly influential and successful spin-off of the GigaOM empire.  If you don’t already, you should subscribe to the feed.  I caught up with Liz Gannes, editor, on the Stanford campus earlier this month.

We spoke the inevitable trend towards higher quality video on the PC and on the television. Liz has been covering Joost closely and wonders if the hype might be a bit much.  My interview with her is above. 

Here’s what Liz told me via e-mail this week:

"Joost so far has shown it can excel at raising money, getting itself on the right side of alliances, and winning attention. Other things are also very important…say, user experience."

— Andy Plesser

Grab this video of Liz.  Here’s a more extensive interview with Liz from March.

Update 4.25

Joost Mulls Pay-per-view, Adult Content

Checkout this report from today’s Guardian Organ Grinder about Joost and Janus Friis’ position that Joost won’t pay ISP’s for carriage.  He is also considering pay-per-view and adult content.