If you haven’t read the big page one story on today’s Wall Street Journal (subscription) about the poisoning of former Russian security agent Alexander Litvinenko in London, it’s fascinating and troubling. 

The piece by Moscow-based Journal reporter Alan Cullison is sourced to a 1998 videotape done by Litvinenko and fellow security officers who said they feared for their lives.  The tape was never intended to be broadcasted, they said. Although the video was briefly seen in Russia in 1998, it has not been seen since. 

Cullison found the tape, reported on it, and his editors in New York posted this historic video early this morning.  The video is in the subscription-free video area of the WSJ.com. The text of the online story wraps around the video.

This is historic multi-media journalism and a hell of a scoop.

This video is shareable via an embed code on the Journal’s Brightcove video player, so we have it up on Beet.TV and it will undoubtably appear widely around the world.  And, yes, a 10-second pre-roll ad comes with the clip,  so be patient. The Journal is the first major newspaper to permit the code of its videos to shared. 

— Andy Plesser

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