The very premise of the "Streaming Media" conference has tranformed from largely a broadcast-engineering expo to a must-attend summit where online video and its revolutionary effect on society is explored.  It’s a whole new ballgame.  Congratulations to Dan Rayburn for programming such a relevant and informative show.

We are delighted to cover the show which starts tomorrow here in New York.  Please watch Beet.TV for interviews with key players from Microsoft, Adobe, AOL, Forrester Research, Akamai, Level3, VideoEgg and many others. 

Live video streaming will be a big topic at the conference.  On2 will demonstrate a new Web-based live Flash streaming program and Microsoft will discuss plans to stream live video on its new Silverlight platform.  New companies will announce plans to stream live video from phone cameras.

I believe the prospect for live video is promising.  So, we’re going to do some live streaming ourselves, using the new Web-based program from On2 Technologies. We will be broadasting live on Wednesday from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. EST right here on Beet.TV so stay tuned.

My PR firm has the good fortune to represent On2, so my use of this live streaming programming is promotional for my client, for sure.  But, that much said, it’s very exciting to "go live." I hope to schedule regular live interviews on Beet.TV before too long.

The clip on the top of this post features Eric Ameres, Chief Technology Officer of On2.  I visited him in the company’s upstate New York offices a few weeks back.  He filled me in on this new Web-based streaming application.  While On2 and Adobe provide applications to stream Flash video, this new program from On2 allows anyone with a camera and browser to connect to their PC (Mac’s will work soon) via USB or firewire. 

So, if I want to get a guest on Beet.TV from out of town, I can simply invite someone to plug in with a webcam or DV camera, have them log onto a web page and they will be live on the show.  The file is sent to Flash Media Server, and a very nice looking Flash video is streamed.   

The prospect of live, quality user-generated content is going to be big trend over the next 12 months.  Keep an eye on this.

Please tune in on Wednesday!

— Andy Plesser