Here’s my interview with Robert Scoble from the floor of Streaming Media East in New York yesterday.

Robert was one of several guests I interviewed live over a two hour period. In addition to streaming the interview, we taped it, so here’s an excerpt. Many more video clips to follow.

The live Webcast was great. We used the new Web-based Flash video platform from On2. Our "overnight ratings" were pretty good. We had nearly 2,000 viewers over the broadcast. That’s a respectable number for the purple channel — it’s close to the average daily views of the vlog.  We are definitely going to do more live videocasting in the near future.  I think this live thing is going to take off.  For a really good take on live video, read this excellent post by Marshall Kirkpatrick, longtime contributor to TechCrunch and is one smart dude.

Robert has some really interesting observations about the value of his video blog the Scoble Show for his sponsor Seagate. Robert’s show has found success with excellent editing, informative interviews and a nifty new Flash video player.

Graph_2 And it is building traffic and beating Beet in Alexa numbers.  (Beet is the lower line.)

Well, it was great to see Robert and I know he’s enjoying his visit to New York City.

It’s Been A Year

It was nearly a year ago when Beet.TV first broke the news that Robert was leaving Microsoft to join Podtech.  Robert told me yesterday that my little scoop produced 50 million media impressions!  BELIEVE IN BEETS!

— Andy Plesser

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