Here’s Justin Kan of Justin.TV, the dude wearing the live TV camera on his head.

I hung out with him LA last week where he was live casting his experience at the AlwaysOn conference.

Justin is streaming live Flash video through a wireless device. This is no publicity stunt, it’s about business. He says his company will soon launch a platform that will provide users the tools to upload and stream live video around social and business environments.

He thinks that live video will be huge and it will manifest itself in ways that no one foresees. I agree.

In a development today related to live networks of consumers creating Flash video, On2 Technologies announced a Web-based live Flash tool. It allows folks with a user name and password to plug a digital camera into a USB or Firewire port and start streaming. It’s Windows only at the moment but will support Mac soon.

Keep posted on this trend, live will be huge and it’s great that Justin has illuminated us about this.

— Andy Plesser

Coming Clean:  On2 Technologies is a public relations client of Plesser Holland Associates, the PR firm I run with my buddy Kent Holland.