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Mainstream media is fighting for the attention of its readers on a quickly changing playing field these. Big publishers, including The Washington Post are trying to figure out how to reinvent themselves and their news operations. 

Here is the second installment of my two interviews with Jim Brady, executive editor of the He says it is essential for journalists "….to figure out how to do it" — how to do great journalism and connect with new audiences.

Jim speaks about both the imperative and difficulty of learning new multimedia skills. He also highlights the importance of journalists promoting their stories through appearances on other media outlets. 

(OK, OK, here’s a totally self-serving plug: I agree that media content publicity is essential — in fact this is the meat and potatoes of Plesser Holland, the PR firm that publishes Beet.TV. For fifteen years, we’ve repped media clients including CNET, Wired, Red Herring, Technology Review, PC Magazine, Gourmet, Salon and PR Week. Like Jim says, you’ve got to promote your stories.)

On Friday, we reported on the introduction of a slick multi-media player to the home page of the Post. In this interview, Jim speaks about the range of online video being used on the site.

This was part of a site redesign which is generating a bunch of notices, including a "colorful" post on the Wonkette

MySpace Enters Politics with Primary "Election"

Not sure about the implications of this beyond the hype, but it will be interesting to see the impact of the social networking sites on the presidential election.  MySpace to hold  Iowa primary "elections" in January.

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