Very cool to see Tom Wolfe on Beet.TV talking about hedge funds and cruising around Greenwich, Connecticut, the home of mysterious and powerful new power in global finance.

The video is one of several on, the new business publication from Conde Nast.  The videos are very well done.   We are especially pleased to find that the clips are embeddable and easily pasted, as we’ve done above.  I recommend watching the Matt Cooper clips — the former Time magazine reporter is now at Portfolio who talks about his discussions with Karl Rove.

As you will see, the embedded video player has branding that appears to be outside the player.  This is clever marketing. 

We think Conde Nast’s approach to advertising is very practical.  Visitors can see the videos for free, but first must watch a "gateway" ad.  After a brief video ad finishes, the video clips can be viewed without pre-roll ads.  I think that this "gateway" approach works well.  It works well for and for the video channel at the Wall Street Journal.

More on gateway ads next week when I publish my interview with eMarketer senior analyst David Hallerman.

MTV and Roo in Deal with College Newspapers for Video Player

We’ve been covering the integration of online video into newspaper sites.  Now, it seems, video will become more pervasive on the online pages of 500 college newspapers with this new program just announced by MTV and Roo.

— Andy Plesser

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