Revver, the popular video sharing site, will soon syndicate user-generated clips through P2P networks in a new alliance with INTENT MediaWorks.

This is the most significant development in moving user-generated content through the P2P world.  The Atlanta-based INTENT will distribute tens of thousands of Revver clips through its platform.  Revver will serve ads into these clips and expects that this new distribution will expand the audience and monetization for content creators. 

We understand that the ads served in these P2P distributed clips can be updated dynamically from the Revver ad server. 

Our friends at Revver in Los Angeles taped this interview (above) with CEO Steven Starr yesterday for Beet.TV

In this new alliance, INTENT will provide Revver with thousands of videos music and entertainment videos.

The world of P2P is a powerful, yet shady one.  It has been largely the domain of pirated content.  To view P2P files, users need to download an app.  Whether the public will download an application and files and share videos is tough to say.  But, I believe that users want control and higher resolution, downloadable files.  This will be very interesting to watch.

— Andy Plesser

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