Here’s my interview with Eric Ameres, CTO of On2 Technologies.

While Flash video has become the ubiquitous program for streaming video clips onto computers around the globe, indeed, the universal adoption of Flash has been central to the online video revolution, there has been a problem for content owners:  The Flash, or .flv files are not protected by a digital rights management system (DRM)

Clever hackers can save streaming Flash files.  And, although .flv files can be progressively downloaded and saved to hard drives, they are rarely distributed this way do to security concerns of content owners.  This is all about change as On2 Technologies, which is the provides a widely used codec to create Flash files, will offer a DRM program from Widevine.

Earlier this week, Widevine first announced this new technology.  Today’s announcement with On2 promises an opportunity for extensive industry adoption which some industry observers see as critical.

— Andy Plesser

Coming Clean:  On2 Technologies is a client of Plesser Holland Associates, the public relations firm that publishes Beet.TV

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