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I was in Cambridge a few weeks ago to visit the headquarters of Brightcove where I met Sanjay Desai who heads product marketing for the fast-growing online video services company. Sanjay is proud of the picture quality and efficiency of the stream.

Brightcove provides both a user-generated platform — and a more professional service for big companies including The Washington Post, The New York Times and Dow Jones.

The company provides the tools for consumers to upload directly to the Brightcove servers where encoding to Flash is done on vast server farms. Separately, it offers a downloadable program called a PublishPod that provides a way to create Flash files locally. Sanjay says this is an easy and efficient way to create high quality videos.

He also spoke about the inclusion of On2 Technologies in the Brightcove platform and the value it brings. He said that large companies are using an advanced application from On2 to stage Flash videos.

ABC TV Has An Extraordinary New Video Player  (But Doesn’t Play on Vista)

Uglybetty While we’re talking about streaming video, you should see the quality of the brand new video player unveiled this week by ABC. It’s been getting some great notices from some folks in the know.

Unfortunately, my new PC running Vista doesn’t support the player.  The platform that ABC uses is from Move Networks. A Move executive explained this in comments on Robert Scoble’s blog on Tuesday. In that same comment, the Move executive, Tosh McQuivey said that Move uses the On2 video codec.

Maybe the snazzy new player will help ABC make some moves on NBC which is way ahead in online viewship.

Andy Plesser

(Coming Clean: On2 Technologies is a public relations client of Plesser Holland, publisher of Beet.TV)

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