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Newspapers have a unique and present opportunity to create online video to build audience and adverting revenue.

Dow Jones and its Wall Street Journal. Barron’s, MarketWatch units have been moving aggressively into video news and feature reporting.  As we reported on Beet.TV earlier this year, company video clips are shareable and not behind the Journal’s subscription wall.

Dow Jones’ acquisition of MarketWatch from CBS provided broadband television expertise and facilities including a television studio in San Francisco. Bob Leverone is a former MarketWatch executive who has built a video production facility right in the the newsroom. Beet.TV took a tour.

In a previously posted interview, managing editor Bill Grueskin (below) explains the commitment of Journal to expand its range of videos and to teach video reporting skills to staff reporters.

View a transcript of this interview

For journalists, it’s important to acquire multimedia skills. For journalism students, it’s essential, news executives said a conference on Friday in New York.  Thanks to Innovation in College Media for a very compelling post.

Andy Plesser

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