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Here is the second part of my interview with Alex Laats, head of Podzinger, the division of defense contractor BBN, a Massachusetts company which is utilizing anti-terrorism technology to "listen" to the audio tracks of millions of YouTube clips. My earlier post reports on how a government-funded program has lead to an effective means to search and organize public Internet video.

In this post, Alex explains how clips are organized on Podzinger’s new public portal and how this creates a valuable contextural advertising environment.

OMG, Thanks for the Link Love and the Wonderful Compliments

I am very proud of this two part series about Podzinger and I hope you found it to be interesting.  The greatest satisfaction I get from doing this blogging is the recognition I receive from my readers and fellow bloggers.  I wanted to take this opportunity to thank the recognition of my story from so many of you, members of Redit, Digg, to Tom Foremski, Techmeme, Dan Farber at ZDNet, Virginia Heffernan at The New York Times and to London’s Guardian who calls Beet.TV’s work "brilliance."  Wow, what can I say but thanks, and that I’m going to try to keep publishing interesting material.

Andy Plesser

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