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Mark Whitaker is one of our most celebrated journalists. Having lead Newsweek as its award-winning editor in chief for eight years, he was recently tapped by the Washington Post Company (parent of Newsweek) to head new initiatives for the Washington Post/Newsweek Interactive.  The online division also includes Slate.

I had the good fortune to enlist the Buzzmachine’s Jeff Jarvis for a little correspondence work last week at the AlwaysOn conference in Manhattan.

Jeff and Mark had an expansive talk. They covered a lot of territory, including the Washington Post‘s new plans for enlisting citizen bloggers.  Jeff is thrilled with the new system to sell ads for small bloggers through a local ad network. This allows the bloggers to make money and keep their editorial control.  The Buzzmeister calls the Post’s new plans "God’s Work."  Whoa!

Mark talks about online video as the "great next frontier" in journalism and sees a form emerging online that is decidly different from television.  In his new position, he is planning to incorporate Web video across all the company’s properties by using existing resources and through new acquisitions.  This is someone to watch.

Beet.TV Heads to MIT for Brave New Web Conference

I’m heading up to frozen Boston tomorrow to speak on a panel at MIT’s Brave New Web Conference.  I’ll be on a panel moderated by MIT’s Henry Jenkins on the topic of "Media Participation and Fragmentation."  Henry has new book, Convergence Culture: Where Old and New Media Collide.  It is a must read for all of us following this incredible transformation.  Please see Henry’s past appearances on Beet.TV.

There will be some great folks on my panel and others at the conference, and I will grab interviews with Henry, BrightCove’s Jeremy Allaire, super vlogger Steve Garfield, Podzinger’s Alex Laats, Forrester’s Brian Haven, PodTech’s John Furrier and many others.  The event is sold out — but you will be there.  I promise!

PodTech’s John Furrier Hosts Boston Meetup Tomorrow Night!

You don’t have to attend the MIT conference to be at the Boston Entrepreneur Meetup shindig hosted by John — who says he’s buyin’.  To join the party you need to signup to Meetup.  Should be a blast. 

Andy Plesser

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