David Carr has been one of the pioneering print reporters who has taken to video reporting very successfully. We are big fans of his Carpetbagger blog which includes about one video segment a week.

Media columnist Kurt Anderson raves about Carr in the new issue of New York magazine:

Andersen070226_198Carr (whom I employed six years ago at Inside.com) is a quirky, entertaining, singular writer. I was pleasantly surprised when the paper of record hired and then promoted him to media columnist. But I was flabbergasted when they gave him a movie-awards blog (the Carpetbagger) and—the Times!—let him invent a weekly Web-video spot as a goofy man-on-the-street and celebrity-on-the-red-carpet interviewer. He’s produced three dozen so far.

There’s nothing else like them in mainstream media. He is preternaturally perfect for the Web—a friendly, wisecracking 50-year-old character with a Minnesota rasp, the very opposite of self-serious. His years at alternative weeklies make him predisposed to try whatever.

Kurt interviews Carr and the celebrated Washington Post video journalist Travis Fox.

Andy Plesser

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