In my vlogging, I like to introduce my visitors to industry leaders by providing the passions and vision of the interviewee. 

It’s not easy to make good business video, but I believe that business people are "talkers" — leaders and sales persons.  They know how to emote and this can be caught on camera.  Business vlogging is viable, if it’s done right. There will inevitably be more good video in the new year and some of it will be excellent.

Next month is the super exclusive World Economic Forum in Davos, the annual gathering of the world’s most powerful business and political leaders in Switzerland.

Perkins_1I’ve just heard from Andrew Ross Sorkin, of The New York Times and Tony Perkins (left) of AlwaysOn that they will be equipped with cameras and will be vlogging many interviews, parties and speeches. 

Sure, there’s been press coverage of Davos for years, but hanging out  with the world’s biggest movers and shakers and capturing it with a small video camera should be fascinating. 

Since we are publishing partners with AlwaysOn, you’ll be seeing some great video right here on Beet.TV


It will be also be interesting to see the New York Times coverage from Andrew Ross Sorkin (left).

With these two guys behind the video cameras, I don’t feel so bad about not going!

—  Andy Plesser

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