The entire scope and definition of community generated content is about to be transformed as major publishers integrate video upload tools to their pages. Simple-to-use video upload utilities from Brightcove and VideoEgg are being deployed on The Boston Globe and other New York Times regional newspapers, as well as integrated into Conde Nast sites.  Both publishers are offering community members the opportunity to create their own blog within the the publications’ sites.  Users will be offered a simple video upload tool; for these sites, the tool will be VideoEgg. 

This opportunity for publishers to drive community involvement through video upload is very exciting.  I spoke a few months ago with Jim Kennedy, the head of strategy for The Associated Press.  Jim believes there is an imperative for newspapers to grow by embracing community content.   Uploading community video could be a powerful way to expand reader participation and provide inventory for hungry online video advertisers. We will see how this shapes up next year.

Here’s the upload page of, the New York Times-owned regional portal. This is powered by Brightcove. Could this clip of a local football game be the look of things to come for mainstream media? 


I read the news this morning on TechCrunch about Om’s latest in his budding empire of superb technology blogs.  It’s called NewTeeVee — and I’m glad they’re not using video interviews yet!  This is a very exciting space and having Om and his talented and tenacious crew cover this beet – errrr beat – is very good news. 

Andy Plesser

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