You might have noticed the cool banner ads on the site for Blinkx and The NewsMarket. They went up today. These are our first sponsorships.

Beet.TV has been gaining a lot of currency lately and it’s very exciting. We’re publishing daily and have built an archive of over 200 posts. The vlog has gained a good deal of influence in the Technorati rankings. We’re linked by 325 blogs which is the best testament to our work.

We have been flattered by so many amazing comments, including one from the great Robert Scoble, who wrote lately that Beet has more traffic than the ScobleShow and declared "Beet.TV is kicking my a&&" (Not sure if that’s really true, Robert, but….)

And wonderful kudos from John Battelle and New York Times TV critic Virginia Heffernan who called my vlog "superb."  Wow.

Traffic is building.  More than the numbers and the rankings, the vlog occupies an influential place in the online video revolution. I know through my day-to-day communications with viewers we are reaching a highly influential audience. That includes you.

Since Beet.TV is finding its groove, we have just launched a sponsorship program. We’re offering a limited number of companies the opportunity to join Beet.TV as “charter” sponsors. Each sponsor will have prominently displayed, square-banner ad on every page of Beet.TV

Here’s more information on advertising on Beet.TV

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