Here’s the second installment of our interview with Brian Buchwald of NBC Universal. Brian runs nbbc, the new Internet content/advertising distribution platform which has launched in beta.

Video consumption has been migrating from the TV to the computer in a big way — and this has had a huge impact on network television — as evidenced by the news coming out of NBC Universal this week. 

But, change has to come for the networks.  We think NBC is taking a clever approach.  Unlike the other networks TV Internet strategies, which largely involve distribution of network and specially produced "broadband" programming on various portals, NBC has taken a very ambitious approach by opening up its network to many content developers (even vloggers!), inserting advertising and placing that content on a vast new network of Web sites.

If you didn’t see Brian’s first interview, please find it here. We get a sneak preview of the nbbc video player.

YouTube is Dealing with Copyright Issues in a big way by removing nearly 30,000 copy written video clips from Japanese content producers, the BBC reports.   

Andy Plesser

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