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We caught up with Microsoft’s Charles Finkelstein at the Streaming Media West conference in San Jose on Tuesday. 

Charles is part of the team that’s creating the new Movie Maker program for Vista.  He give us a little tip-off of some of the cool new tools, including the ability to edit HD video and employ 3-D effects. Vista is expected to launch early next year.

We think that Movie Maker is a simple and effective tool for editing videos.  What Charles told us is that the program has been part of Windows since the days of Windows 98 — and it has been in virtually all PC’s since then.  But the program is a kind of a secret to many as it’s been hidden in Accessories. He tells us for that Vista, the program will be prominently featured.

Some say that Microsoft has been slow to join the community-generated content world, but Movie Maker is widely used by individuals to edit video.  Charles thinks that a majority of community-generated content is edited in Movie Maker. We think that Movie Maker and iMovie have been essential tools in the explosion of community generated content, and we eagerly await the new version of Movie Maker.

Andy Plesser

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