While the most common form of online video advertising is "pre-roll" advertising, meaning ad messages viewed before the requested video, one model that has proven quite effective is video advertising that resides on a web page, where visitors can "interact" by playing the clip.    

That’s the view of Jeff Marcus, chief technology officer at 24/7 Real Media, the global powerhouse that ties marketers to websites along with many other sophisticated digital solutions.

He says that Discovery is a good example of a site which provides the visitor the choice to click-on videos that are of interest. He says these videos are much more effective than text ads on static web pages. 

In our interview, he also speaks about the imperative of "behavioral targeting" — getting the right video content to the right consumer.  It’s the big challenge for the advertising industry, he says.

We’ll see Jeff at Streaming Media West in a few weeks.

— Andy Plesser with Kate Lyon

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