Here’s the second part of our interview with Shelly Palmer, who heads up the the new media committee for the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. 

Shelly sees an inexorable movement of television content distribution traveling through the public Internet.  But, he says that not all video will migrate from the television sets.  It depends.

He also says that the democratization of content development is great, but the success of new media channels will depend on effective powerful promotion — and search and syndication is not enough. 

Finally, he tells us how "free" shared videos will actually be a viable business model for the television industry — he frames this with the some of the smart moves of the record industry. 

—  Andy Plesser

Online Video Advertising Heating Up  – Now that online video has caught on, advertisers are looking to capitalize on the popularity of sites like YouTube with a variety of advertising models, reports today.

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