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I caught up with Jai Singh, one of the world’s most influential technology editors, on the campus of MIT where we are attending the Emerging Technologies Conference organized by Technology Review magazine. Jai is editor in chief of CNET News.com where he has been since the site’s founding. 

Jai was impressed with Amazon’s Jeff Bezo’s presentation yesterday on how Amazon is opening up its technology to other developers and companies.  He thinks it is part of an exorable shift in how business can swiftly grow with very little barrier to entry.  Check out this story – "Servers for Hire" – about Amazon’s new plans by Technology Review’s Wade Roush.

I taped Bezos for Technology Review’s vlog yesterday.  Great interview!

Andy Plesser

Techreview_002_1 Hangin’ at MIT – Here’s Jai with Jason Pontin, editor of Technology Review. Jai gave Jason his job at InfoWorld, his first big break in journalism. Jason went on to edit Red Herring.

Coming clean: CNET Networks and Technology Review are clients of Plesser Holland, publisher of Beet.TV. My partner Kent Holland and I have had the extraordinary good fortune to work with both these brilliant editors (and great guys) as their publicists for nearly 8 years.

JumpCut Gets Bought by Yahoo! – Interesting development with JumpCut, an online video editing tool, which was just bought by Yahoo!  More proof that consolidation by the big dogs is happening. Here’s the story from Reuter’s Eric Auchard.

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