Earlier this morning, AOL launched its video portal, called AOL Video. There is an incredible amount of content organized on the site. 

We at Beet.TV are very interested in search. Earlier in the week we spoke with Fred McIntyre, VP of AOL Video, about the search utility of the site. We think that providing universal search of videos across various sources from YouTube to Google to the TV networks is incredibly important. Sounds to us that they’ve made a big step forward. 

Fred told Beet.TV that that AOL has created a single source for all video on the Web.

Here’s a partial transcript of his comments in his interview with Beet.TV

Very simply put, with the launch of AOL video, what we are focused on doing is creating a single source for all videos on the web… if it’s out there, well find it. This is a place where we are aggregating and indexing video from any source imaginable on the web, whether its YouYube or Google or CBS or NBC…." Fred McIntyre, VP, AOL Video

Here’s an interesting article about the new plans published earlier this week in CRN, and here’s the press release about the new video initiative that was released on Monday.

— Andy Plesser

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