Forrester Research’s Charlene Li talks about some of the ways that advertisers and marketers are incorporating the user generated content phenomenon into their outreach to customers.

She mentions one of the most widely anticipated summer movies, the seemingly undistinguished ‘Snakes On a Plane’, that has enjoyed priceless publicity on the Web after the blogosphere caught wind of it a few months ago. The movie, which hasn’t even come out yet, has spawned thousands of spoofs, blog postings and conversations in anticipation of the movie’s August release.

And in other examples of advertisers and marketers utilizing new media, Disney became the first major brand to advertise on YouTube when it bought banner ads to promote the release of “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest” on the site on Thursday. This is a major step towards moving some of the billions of dollars in ad spending that is currently spent on television ads onto the web.

— Kate Lyon

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