We caught up with political strategist Joe Trippi today at the CASE conference in Manhattan. Joe was a featured speaker at the gathering of some 700 university administrators.

We are wondering about technology and the midterm elections and asked him to size up the relative prowess of Republicans versus Democrats in utilizing new media in political campaigns.

Joe told us that Democrat/progressives (Trippi is one) use of the blogosphere to create a dialogue with constituents, while the Republican/conservative operatives excel at the use of grassroots media to attack party figures to deliver their message to voters.

Lots more video clips to come from our interview with Joe in the days ahead.

— Andy Plesser

It was great to hang out with Joe Trippi and Joan Walsh, editor in chief of Salon.com at the CASE event in New York City

(Coming clean: Joe Trippi is former client of Plesser Holland, publisher of Beet.TV)

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