Net Neutrality has been a hot topic of debate for over a year now.

We visited the headquarters of Newsweek magazine in steamy Manhattan on Monday to ask Senior Editor & Chief Technology Writer Steven Levy what Net Neutrality means for folks like us who generate and share video.

Steven comes down in favor of the regulation because it evens the playing. So much of the value of the Internet is in its come one, come all format – any grassroots or organic company, non-profit or movement can gain traction and visibility and rise up to compete with the largest and most visible Internet companies. If a two tier system emerges, that dynamic changes for everyone.

Steven says that if Net Neutrality fails, there could be dire circumstances for the distribution and consumption of video and other rich media by regular folks like us.

— Andy Plesser

btw:  You should read Steven’s fascinating column in the current issue of Newsweek about spammers grabbing e-mail domains. Scary stuff.

Other relevant news of interest to The Beet’s readers:

>> In an example of a Fortune 500 company jumping feet first into the vlogosphere in a big way, Ford has just launched Bold Moves – a blog documenting the future of Ford. We at Beet.TV would like to note that Bold Moves has all the components that the industry experts say are important, including online video and RSS Feeds. Looks like someone at Ford got the Web 2.0 message. 

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