Far from Hollywood and Madison Avenue, a small start-up from the Bay Area is creating a network of gifted filmmakers and a powerful online distribution system for short films about travel and destinations, primarily in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

I spoke with TurnHere founder and CEO Brad Inman today in the humid theater district of Manhattan. Brad is an accomplished journalist and entrepreneur. Last year he sold Homegain.com to Classified Ventures.

Brad is excited about the creative network he’s assembled. The company is being paid by businesses to create content, plus it’s building its own content to monetize eventually through advertising. Films are being distributed through RSS and can be found on About.com,MSN and Google.

Check out some of the films that Brad refers to in his comments to Beet.TV: a tour of NYC’s West Side in opera, and San Fran’s Russian Hill through the eyes of a Russian puppet, Quackers the duck goes Hollywood, and an actor gives us an intimate look at Brooklyn. We think they are really cool and could work well on the Web – a healthy mix of folksy and candid, yet well-crafted videos. TurnHere is offering a new take on user generated content and giving creativity a professional packaging.

— Andy Plesser

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