The age of individual “online brand” creation has arrived says Tony Perkins, founder of AlwaysOn, the networking, publishing and conference website. Interviewed in Times Square, Tony drew our attention to the fact that the days of big media consolidation are over: in the new media environment everyone is capable of creating their own brands and competing for the mind share that the big names in media, Time Warner for example, previously controlled. There will still be some high-quality produced content, but the thousands of smaller individual interactive brands will make up in number what they lack in production budget.

The Beet found two articles of interest to Beet.TV viewers in today’s papers. The Wall Street Journal reports on student-produced college television shows finding distribution channels on online platforms (subscription required to access the article) – another by-product of the online video revolution – and Bob Tedeschi’s e-commerce report in The New York Times is about ClipSyndicate, an online video syndicate company that allows websites to use its clips and pay a fee everytime they show the video.

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