Scott Heiferman says that the power of the web is not necessarily in podcasting, blogs, media or even publishing; the biggest impact of the web will be the opportunity to organize and mobilize online that the Internet provides.   

Scott takes a long view: he says groups organizing online will be the most important development in the Net – and he warns business executives to take notice.

Scott is an evangelist for group power, which is the business of Meetup, the growing company he co-founded four years ago. Some pretty savvy folks support Scott’s vision, including eBay founder Pierre Omidyar, who is an investor, as are the gang over at eBay. Here’s a cool story about eBay’s investment in Meetup from the Motley Fool.

– – Andy Plesser

Other relevant articles of interest to The Beet’s readers:

>> The Financial Times reports on advertising execs meeting with McKinsey to discuss capitalizing on the Web 2.0 market. According to the article, advertising linked to online video has a potential value of 1 billion dollars.

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>> CNET takes an in-depth look at Google’s online video ‘click to play’ advertising plans.

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