How To Solve CTV Ad Duplication: Viant’s Vanderhook

As much as connected TV (CTV) gives advertisers new opportunities to reach viewers, lack of control in some platforms also risks exposing viewers to too many duplicate ads. It is a problem many companies are trying to tackle. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Tim Vanderhook, CEO, Viant, puts forward his understanding of the problem […]


Defining a Different DSP: How “People-Based ID” Works: Viant’s Vanderhook

At this point, everyone in advertising knows the world of digital ad targeting is moving away from technologies like cookies. But, when executives talk about migrating to “people-based” methods in their place, what does that really mean? In this video interview with Beet.TV, Viant CEO Tim Vanderhook explains what a “people-based” demand-side ad platform really […]


Viant’s Xumo Makes Web Publishers TV Programmers via OTT

LAS VEGAS — Many web publishers have made a great business – and a big audience – out of online video. Now, could the last mile may be taking that video to the big screen in the living room? Xumo hopes so. The joint venture between Panasonic and MySpace’s latest owner, Viant, is a software layer for […]


MySpace is Alive and Well and Powering Targeted Advertising

LAS VEGAS  –  Far from being dead, MySpace has enormous monthly user traffic, mostly from users accessing archived photos, and that data is one of the major sources driving an “exploding” digital advertising buying platform for ad tech conglomerate Viant, says Tim Vanderhook, CEO, in this interview with Beet.TV at CES earlier this month. Vanderhook […]