LG Ad Solutions Taps Affinity Solutions To Connect TV Viewing To Credit Card Purchases

Manufacturers of the devices we use to watch content have an upper hand when it comes to measuring consumption. Increasingly, they are partnering with organizations who can measure the consequential impact of the ads seen on those screens. “More and more, our clients are asking for outcome-based approaches,” says Serge Matta, Global Chief Commercial Officer, […]


LG Ads’ Matta Gives ACR Data To Magnite

CANNES — A busy 2022 just got more connected for ad sell-side platform (SSP) Magnite, as it announces a new partnership to use LG Ads Solutions’ TV-viewing data. The TV maker’s automatic content recognition (ACR) data will now be used for planning activation, measurement and advanced analytics across its SSP software. In this video interview […]


Beyond Sticks: LG Ads’ Matta Says OEMs Are Seizing The OTT Initiative

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico – Can a dishwasher maker clean up when it comes to TV ad targeting? Serge Matta thinks so. As president of LG Ads, Matta is driving the electronics maker to leverage its substantial TV footprint as a key ad sales intermediary. In this video interview with Scott Schiller for Beet.TV at […]


LG Ads’ Matta Guarantees Outcomes From CTV Ads

Imagine a world in which advertisers only paid for TV ads if they actually generated the expected returns. That is the world LG Ads is now joining, as the unit launches a range of guaranteed, outcome-based ad offerings for 20 million US connected TV sets, mobile and web. In this video interview with Beet.TV, LG […]


LG Rides ‘Rocket Ship’ As Post-Pandemic Ads Come To CTV

If advertiser spend is bouncing back, Serge Matta wants to catch it. The former Comscore CEO joined LG Ads, the electronics manufacturer’s advanced TV advertising division, this summer, with optimism growing about coronavirus easing. Now Matta says the power of connected TV advertising is beckoning pharmaceutical, political and other advertisers to look hard at the […]


Viewer Data Underpin CTV Targeting: LG Ads’ Serge Matta

Millions of people worldwide are hooking up their televisions to the internet, pushing marketers to allocate more of their media budgets connected TV (CTV) platforms. Those include consumer electronics companies, or original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), that have developed technologies for better ad targeting. “Three or four years ago, who would have thought that the OEMs […]


Ad Fraud Is Not As Widespread As You Think: comScore CEO

PHOENIX — Over the last year, the reality that many web ads are viewed not by consumers but by automated scripts, or are otherwise out of view, has gained visibility. Some estimates on the topic gloomily suggest the sky is falling over digital advertising. But that’s far from the truth – at least, if you […]