Some brands are now migrating successful digital ads to the TV set, in a reversal of what was once the trend of repurposing TV spots for online video, says Rori DuBoff, Global Head of Strategy at Havas Digital, in an interview with Beet.TV. Havas recently launched a campaign for Dish Latino around the World Cup and the digital creative is now being used for TV ads, she explains. “It’s the opposite of what we once saw with TV content,” she says. The change is occurring as more brands develop specific branded content for digital. That can often yield positive results, leading to bringing that content to the TV.

Havas created a campaign for Dish Latino tied into the idea of soccer as the “beautiful game,”connecting it to Dish’s ability to let users watch multiple angles of a TV program. The campaign began with video, out-of-home and mobile with TV layered in later.

“The notion that you can watch content from any device, anywhere in multiple angles is where consumer is at right now,” she says. Dish began working with Havas last year.

We interviewed DuBoff at the Beet.TV leadership summit on branded video. You can find additional videos from the event here.