One-to-One Communication At Scale Is Still in Early Days: Ogilvy’s Lazarus

Ogilvy & Mather’s Shelly Lazarus found her path to the ad industry by accident. She had accepted a ride from someone she knew from college to New York City, and that woman mentioned she was going to an advertising conference and asked Lazarus if she wanted to come. She went on a lark, though she had never […]


Careers in AdTech Will be Powered by Digital Transformation, AOL CEO Tim Armstrong

Less than 10 percent of e-commerce and advertising is powered digitally —  but that will inevitably change. And the looming transformation will provides a twenty to thirty-year “tailwind” for the entire adtech and media industry which will mean vast opportunities for young people entering the industry, says Tim Armstrong, CEO and Chairman of AOL Inc in this video. Also […]


Ogilvy’s Shelly Lazarus on How Losing Accounts Always Feels Personal

Though people often say “it’s not personal, it’s business,” it was always personal for Shelly Lazarus when Ogilvy & Mather lost an account. “What I learned was you had to have the resilience to bounce back and to say we are really good at what we do, we add value, we make a difference, and […]


Ogilvy’s Shelly Lazarus on Long-Term Career Success

When advertising veteran Shelly Lazarus began her career more then 40 years ago, marketers dreamed then about truly being able to communicate one to one with customers. Now, that’s a reality and presents an enormous opportunity for the industry and those leading the digital charge. “When I was working in direct marketing we used to […]