Nine Things We Learned From Our CTV Data Series presented by Sabio

In recent years, the prevalence of audience data has revolutionized the ability to target digital advertising. But now the set of capabilities and consequences produced by that data is changing shape. What will the future look like? That is what “Data: Powering CTV for Marketers,” our recent Beet.TV leadership series presented by Sabio, set out […]


Reborn, QR Codes Are The Glue Between Mobile & TV: Sabio’s Machado

In the space between mobile and TV, what’s old is new again. Started in Japan in the mid-nineties, QR code were initially popular with the countries NTT DoCoMo mobile carrier. They never quite took off until they were baked into the cameras of iOS and Android. Recently, however, practices like contactless ordering from restaurant menus […]