Cadreon’s Schmidt On ‘Open Parks’ At End Of Programmatic

The advertising these days is fond of talking about the perils of “walled gardens”, the publisher platforms which don’t allow the transport of data beyond their own confines. But Erica Schmidt is more interested in “open parks”. In this video interview with Beet.TV, the global CEO of IPG Mediabrand’s unit Cadreon says “identity graph” technology […]


On Tip Of An Iceberg, Cadreon’s Schmidt Pushes Advanced TV Forward

The ability to target TV audiences with granular data, going beyond traditional age- and gender-based contextual matching, may have existed for a couple of years now. But history will likely show that the opportunity is still just getting started. “The opportunity is huge,” says Erica Schmidt, the global CEO of IPG Mediabrand’s ad-tech unit Cadreon. […]


Programmatic Pushes Cadreon’s Schmidt ‘Upstream’ To Creative

After several years of an arms-race in advertising’s technology super-powers, it has become fashionable for ad-tech advocates to profess a pivot to the more creative art of the craft. But what does that look like in practice? To the North America MD of IPG Mediabrand’s ad-tech unit, data and creativity are not two separate worlds – they […]


Cadreon’s Schmidt On The Value Of Unique Datasets, Sharing Among Clients

VIEQUES, PR – For Cadreon’s Erica Schmidt, data in and of itself doesn’t cut it. It’s having unique datasets to bring to the table as the IPG unit guides its advertiser clients through the maze of programmatic options. “What’s really interesting today is advertisers are much more serious about programmatic than they ever have been […]