Local TV Will Go Impression-Based: WideOrbit’s Mathewson

Local US TV has come a long way – but now it needs to go through another revolution, to change the way it sells its advertising. “Stations historically have been more difficult to buy than they needed to be,” says Eric Mathewson, CEO of WideOrbit, a software company aiming to help them do that. “Agencies […]


WideOrbit ‘Backbone’ Spans National Cable, Local Radio And TV

SAN FRANCISCO – Over the past two decades, there’s been a lot of progress made in removing friction from the local television and radio buying process. But it typically doesn’t pay for agencies to buy local media, so even more automation is on the way, according to WideOrbit’s Eric Matthewson. WideOrbit was founded 18 years […]


WideOrbit By The (Big) Numbers, And Outing ‘Fauxgrammatic’

MIAMI — It’s the behemoth media platform that has a hand in perhaps around 40% of US TV ad spending, if numbers are to be believed. So why do so few people talk about WideOrbit? The San Francisco-based company offers a software platform that handles scheduling, billing, content management and invoicing for mostly local TV ads around the US. In […]