DDB’s Weiss: Great Storytelling By Brands Will Always Beat Chasing Technology

Brands can only chase new technologies for so long before they become mainstream. At that point, it’s creativity that matters. It happened in the early days of television and it’s happening all over again, says Ari Weiss, North American CCO for DDB in this interview with Beet.TV in which he explains why he looks forward […]


AT&T AdWorks ‘Addressable Upfront’ Focuses On Television, Cross-Platform Targeting

AT&T AdWorks chose to go vertical in 2017 with what it calls the industry’s first-ever Addressable Upfronts. Its 100 events across the country are tailored to specific industry product and service categories and clients with a focus on the attributes of both television and cross-platform addressable advertising. “Instead of a one-size-fits-all, one big event, we […]


“This is a Huge Issue:” The Advertising Biz Has Gone Global, Ad Age’s Michael Learmonth

COLOGNE – With the advent of  global media platforms Twitter, Facebook, Yahoo, Google, the advertising industry has gone global — and this transformation is having a profound impact on the  agency business.  He calls it a “huge issue.” That is one of the takeaways of Michael Learmonth, Deputy Managing Editor of Advertising Age of the […]