A Key Industry Agenda: Cross-Screen Measurement

4:00 PM Eastern time 6.23

The advertising industry is transforming. With the proliferation of devices and applications, media consumption has fragmented massively.

Marketers need to market the way consumers consume – seamlessly across all channels and screens. Marketers need to be accountable to their bottom lines more than ever before. Marketers need sophisticated tools to simplify everything and stimulate growth.

To achieve this, the industry needs true cross-screen measurement for planning, optimization and in understanding outcomes. How will the industry solve for this need? What are the signals, what will collaboration look like?

Video interviews for this content track will be part of a global initiative, in partnership with Beet.TV, GroupM and the 4A’s.

Production and Distribution

Production is being done remotely, using Zoom. Taping begins May 17 and will conclude on June 11. Videos will be published by Beet. TV, GroupM and the 4A’s on its sites and social channels. The videos will be presented as part of the virtual Global Forum on Responsible Media on June 23.

For additional information and bookings, contact katy@beet.tv