Keeping it Real: Data, Identity & A Transparent Supply Chain

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As the industry increases adoption of addressable, audience-based advertising, accountability and transparency across the digital media supply chain has never been more important.

Vitality of the advertising industry depends on an environment that is accountable and addressable, and aligns the interests of brands, agencies, publishers and technology providers.

For the industry to advance the delivery of unmatched transparency throughout the supply chain, full accountability and addressability for a post-third-party cookie world, and mutual benefit and alignment between brands and publishers is crucial.

Video interviews for this content track  will be  part of a global initiative, in partnership with Beet.TV, GroupM and the 4A’s.

Production and Distribution

Segments are being produced remotely, using Zoom. Taping begins May 17 and will conclude on June 11. Videos will be published by Beet. TV, GroupM and the 4A’s on its sites and social channels. The videos will be presented as part of the virtual Global Forum on Responsible Media on June 23.

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