Prohaska: Programmatic Must Give Video Buyers Price Control

SAN FRANCISCO — So much greater are video ad prices compared with standard display, there is a more pressing need to inject programmatic platforms with price control mechanisms, if video advertisers are to adopt the mechanisms, says one programmatic expert. “There’s such a limited quantity of video … there hasn’t been the need to have […]


Time Inc. Leveraging First Party Data for Programmatic Ad Efforts

SAN FRANCISCO – With first party data on some 150 million consumers, Time Inc. is using that data to serve advertising programmatically, explains Patrick Landi, Executive Director of Programmatic Sales at Time Inc., this interview with Beet.TV Also in the interview, he speaks about the emergence of private marketplaces, linking programmatic sales between Time Inc […], Magna Global Build Out Programmatic Partnership

SAN FRANCISCO — AOL-owned is working closely with media agency giant Magna Global to deepen the work both are doing in programmatic video buying, says Kara Weber, Chief Marketing Officer at in this video interview with Beet.TV. The partnership was inked last fall and now Magna Global has begun running digital and TV ads […]


Mediaocean Exec: More Automation in Targeting to Come in Next Two Years

SAN FRANCISCO — Eager to capture some of a fast-growing pie, agency software provider Mediaocean has been expanding its offerings to accommodate more programmatic buying. The next two years represent a huge opportunity to make programmatic a bigger component of an overall media budget, says Fraser Woollard, VP Business Development at Mediaocean during an interview with […]


Programmatic Buying Will Reach Across TV with More Integrated Tech

SAN FRANCISCO — One of the key growth factors in programmatic buying lies in the integration of tech partners, says Dan Ackerman, Senior VP Programmatic at Adap.TV during an interview with Beet.TV. “We want to be the agency platform that enables all these processes,” he says. Data providers like Nielsen, Rentrak and Kantar are important partners […]


Netflix Wants it Programmatic Ads on Premium Sites

SAN FRANCISCO — Netflix is betting more on the use of programmatic buying to help grow its user base and better connect viewers with the shows it offers, says Kathy O’Dowd, Senior Manager of Programmatic Marketing at Netflix during an interview with Beet.TV. She says that as Netflix expands its own marketing with programmatic buying, it focuses on […]


Xaxis Exec: Online Video Will Benefit from More Data and More Premium Content

SAN FRANCISCO — Despite the love-hate relationship some marketers have with GRPs, look for that standard measurement to play a part in digital and programmatic buying. Metrics like GRPs as well as ad buying strategies like automation can help bring more brands to digital that are more familiar with TV, says Paul Dolan, SVP Global Business […]


IPG’s Magna Global Joins AOL “ONE” as Charter Partner, Kristi Argyilan explains

SAN FRANCISCO – Today, AOL announced the  organization of its programmatic advertising operations into a new entity which it calls “ONE.”   Joining the initiative as “charter” partner is Magna Global, the media agency of IPG Mediabrands. Speaking with Beet.TV, Kristi Argyilan, president of Magna NA, gives an overview of the automation of digital media, […]


IPG’s Magna Global is Building “Private Marketplaces” for TV Programmatic

SAN FRANCISCO – Magna Global, the media agency of IPG Mediabrands, is creating new platforms to buy television inventory programmatically, with the creations of private marketplaces, explains Michael Brunick, SVP for Programmatic, in this interview with Beet.TV We spoke with him at the Beet.TV summit on programmatic television advertising yesterday.

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