AppNexus Replays Video Ambitions, Starting This Summer

It’s four years since ad tech company AppNexus first tried helping advertisers tackle targeted ad buying on digital video, an attempt it later aborted. But now the New York-based outfit is ready to reboot its video plan. AppNexus CEO Brian O’Kelley, in this video interview with Beet.TV, says:  “We’re going in to open beta for our new video-buying […]


TV-Synced Digital Ads Next Best To Addressable TV: IPG’s Stoller

We may not yet have reached the point at which so-called “addressable TV”, the ability to target individual connected televisions with unique advertising, is mass-market – but we have reached a close second, thanks to a combination of dumb TVs and smart devices. “Everyone would like to get in to … the dream of one-to-one advertising,” […]


Addressable Screens Will Deliver High ROI: IPG Mediabrands’ Tajer

The scope and scale of the addressable TV market is bound to grow over the coming years, but that’s not all. Addressable screens are also likely to come onto the scene as TV operators stitch more devices into their content ecosystems, according to Henry Tajer, who became CEO of IPG Mediabrands in May. “That rigor […]


True TV Addressability Is Still Off in the Future: Furious Corp.’s Swartz

While it seems inevitable that targeting TV audiences at a set-top box level will become a widespread practice, the targeting of individual households at massive scale seems like a less assured eventuality. “This is really about human behavior; it’s not really about what technology will allow,” says Ashley J. Swartz, CEO of Furious Corp., which […]


Cadreon’s Kumar Sees ‘Advanced TV’ Solving Measurement

As TV audiences start watching TV on more devices than just, well, TV, marketers face a challenge – how do they measure, target and price their advertising efforts? Companies tackling and talking about that problem are now commonplace. One such, Cadreon, believes the answer lays in what global president Arun Kumar calls “advanced TV” – a […]


FreeWheel Targets Ads to Set-top Boxes via Canoe Collaboration

A host of ad tech platforms is helping marketers break down the boundaries between buying TV ads, VOD ads, digital video ads and all the other flavors of moving-image ads. That’s the topic that seems set to dominate the upcoming DMEXCO digital marketing expo in Cologne. Speaking with Beet.TV in this video interview, FreeWheel marketplaces GM James Rooke channels […]


Facebook Video Is Great, But Has Two Challenges: OMD’s Winkler

The auto-playing video ads Facebook introduced a while back could make the social network $3.8 billion by 2017, a Nomura analyst recently forecast. So just how good is the new format, and what challenges remain? Ben Winkler, chief digital officer of ad agency OMD USA, says the ads were bound to be successful, given Facebook’s scale – […]


How Brands Can Reach Rivals’ Audience via The Second Screen

This year, all the hot advertising talk is about the linking of planning, targeting and buying for TV ads and ads on handheld internet devices. For TV viewers distracted by touchscreens during commercial breaks, Teletrax has been gaining attention for allowing brands that are advertising on the living room big screen to also buy ads on social […]


Xaxis’ Grether Expects Programmatic TV Early In 2016

So far, “programmatic” technologies for targeting and automating online ad buying have revolutionized the display ad segment. They have also made big in-roads in to video ads. Whilst few expect such a big bang in the television sector any time soon, WPP’s programmatic unit Xaxis expects to have its technology on-stream by the start of 2016. […]


Agencies Now Need to Work Like ‘Data Detectives’: Mindshare’s Olsen

As the ad dollars spent on data strategy and infrastructure have exploded in recent years, so has investment in attribution in an effort to understand how marketing across channels works together and, ultimately, how to assign credit for driving purchases. “It’s almost rare these days to find brands who are not doing some kind of […]


Tapad’s O’Loughlin Shows Ad Effect Across Devices

Across the advertising industry this year, the main challenge seems to be uniting brands’ understanding of how consumers respond to ads across the many different media they now use. One more vendor tackling that problem is Tapad, whose “device graph” model aims to help clients do just that. “We’re working with a (television) manufacturer that has […]


Holding Companies Have Differentiated Philosophies Now: Carat’s Ray

Carat’s global president and U.S. CEO Doug Ray recalls a recent conversation with a client, who admitted to thinking of media five years ago as a commodity product. Fast forward to now, and the differences between media agencies and even holding companies look stark. In Ray’s view, that’s because of factors like the growth of data […]


Nielsen Bakes Measurement In To OTT Video Boxes

If you thought mobile advertising was hard to measure, Nielsen reckons over-the-top TV and video services is much harder – so it aims to integrate its ad measurement systems with box makers at the system level. “Over-the-top is a really challenging space,” Nielsen product leadership SVP David Wong tells Beet.TV in this video interview. “A year or […]


4C’s Neuhauser Helps Brands Understand 1.5bn Consumers

CHICAGO — If you haven’t yet heard of 4C Insights, the data science company that just acquired Teletrax, the scale of insights it is processing suggests you soon will. The Chicago-based company is helping advertisers better understand how to target users of social networks by comprehending their response to brands, interests and media behaviour. “We look at […]


Taboola Adds Gannett But Wants The World Of Content

Fresh from announcing a deal with Associated Press, content recommendation engine Taboola also says newspaper publisher Gannett will adopt its technology to show readers related stories. The deal, which is a three-year exclusive, will see Taboola suggest next articles to be read by readers of sites including USA Today and will earn Taboola $45 million to $55 million, CEO Adam Singolda […]


AppNexus CEO O’Kelley Fights Facebook’s ‘Walled Garden’

New York-based AppNexus‘ real-time ad bidding platform has built the company a position as one of the leading advertising technology vendors out there, at a time when contenders are racing to hail the virtues of their own suites. But CEO Brian O’Kelley sees one big differentiator between his company and the likes of Facebook, which […]


The Trade Desk’s Stempeck Talks TV Ad Targeting

TV may not yet be fully addressable to advertisers in the same way the internet is, but that isn’t stopping a collection of platform operators and ad tech vendors from trying to make it a reality. The Trade Desk, a demand-side advertising platform, is working to bring more ad targeting to Roku, the connected TV […]


Cadreon’s Arun Kumar on Advanced TV and Why the AT&T DirecTV Acquisition Matters

Arun Kumar, global president of IPG’s Cadreon unit, sees AT&T’s acquisition of DirecTV as a watershed moment in a new era of television.  He says that the merger will mean more intelligent targeting of consumers with data on the household level. He says that inevitable evolution of the new medium will bring new muscle to an […]


Taboola Adds AP To List Of Publisher Clients

In the battle of the content recommendation titans, the two leading contenders routinely trade new client announcements. Amongst the latest is Taboola, which says it will power content recommendations inside Associated Press’ mobile apps and websites. The deal is a two-year exclusive, meaning Taboola will serve links to related stories when a reader is reading an article […]

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