The scope and scale of the addressable TV market is bound to grow over the coming years, but that’s not all.

Addressable screens are also likely to come onto the scene as TV operators stitch more devices into their content ecosystems, according to Henry Tajer, who became CEO of IPG Mediabrands in May.

“That rigor and that granularity make for a much more effective and accountable television channel that we can put on recommendations for clients and can invest in around brands, and the ROI on that will be, I think, pretty tremendous,” says Tajer in an interview with Beet.TV.

Tajer also dismisses the notion that TV operators should be counted out. He expects more and more broadcasters to be embracing hybrid solutions that marry traditional linear TV with digital.

“For all the people throwing stones at the television industry, I would point to the simple fact that they are big businesses, they are robust businesses, and they are critical to consumer engagement,” he says.

This interview is part of a series of videos leading up to the DMEXCO conference in Cologne. The series is presented by 4C Insights + Teletrax.