Comcast’s FreeWheel Advises Niche OTTs On Path To Revenue

COLOGNE — The new capabilities of the emerging world of addressable TV and digital video delivery are not just an opportunity for the big guns. Smaller programmers, too, are rising up and getting a piece of the action. But are they getting a piece of the revenue pie? That’s where FreeWheel international GM Thomas Bremond […]


SpotX CEO Shehan On OTT Growth & Challenges

COLOGNE — SpotX has come a long way since its launch more than a decade ago. Just ask Mike Shehan. He co-founded the company as a self-serve off-shoot of another company he was at. Acquired by European broadcast group RTL in full last year, now Shehan is speaking from a vantage point at which he […]


Desire For Transparency Drives Marketers In-House: OMD Global’s Adamski

COLOGNE – Brand marketers’ desire to bring functions in-house isn’t necessarily new for advertising or media agencies, but one of the more challenging ramifications of clients’ quest for brand safety is in-housing activities the agencies used to handle. “Transparency still is a huge, huge issue,” OMD Global CEO Florian Adamski says in this interview with Beet.TV […]


OpenX’s Cadogan Pushes Pedal On Video Growth

COLOGNE — It is the world’s largest independent advertising exchange, but a relatie newcomer to the video world. Now OpenX is seeing big growth in moving images. “We started really about a year and a half ago,” says OpenX CEO Tim Cadogan in this video interview with Beet.TV. “We went out to probably 10% of revenue. […]


Apps Will Endure, Says Criteo’s Gösswein

COLOGNE — Ever since Apple opened up the App Store, it is clear mobile phone consumption has all been about apps. Could the rise of new mobile web technologies put the web back at the heart of consumers’ digital behavior that is now all about mobile? Criteo’s Alexander Gösswein thinks what will be will be – […]


GroupM’s Crockett Sees Improvement In Ad-Tech Practices

COLOGNE — Transparency and fraud issues allowed by ad-tech platforms are now clearing up, but there is still a way to go That is the assessment of the woman tasked with ensuring brand safety throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa for the world’s largest media investment group. In this video interview with Beet.TV, GroupM EMEA […]


Brand Safety Institute Joins Fight Against Digital Advertising Criminals

COLOGNE – The newly formed Brand Safety Institute and the Trustworthy Accountability Group are pushing the digital advertising industry to invest billions of dollars to fight criminal elements in the same way as the financial services industry has done. It’s a two-step process consisting of “a short game and a long game,” says Mike Zaneis, […]


InMobi’s Silverman Plots Path From Mobile To Connected TV

COLOGNE — It is one of the oldest mobile ad networks around, so what is InMobi doing planning a move in to television? In this video interview with Beet.TV, InMobi marketplace VP and GM Scott Silverman says the company will soon be helping advertisers bridge mobile and connected TV campaigns. “We’ll work with app developers […]


With Datorama Acquisition, Integration Rolls On At Salesforce

COLOGNE – At Salesforce, the acquisitions keep on coming, most recently that of AI-powered marketing intelligence and analytics platform Datorama. The company’s ongoing mantra is “integration” and it seems to have no shortage of assets to leverage in that quest. It all stems from what Chris O’Hara, VP, Product Marketing, calls the “fourth industrial revolution” […]


CNN Viewership Soars On OTT Devices Amid Political Turmoil

COLOGNE – In the midst of “one of the biggest stories of our lives, from a news perspective,” many viewers who don’t access CNN in the traditional way are watching CNNgo via connected televisions, with dwell and session times of “more than an hour and a half,” says Chris Berend, SVP, Global Video. “The audiences are coming to […]


How Personalization Drives Spotify Ads: Bertozzi

COLOGNE — Music is inherently personal. And, when Daniel Ek co-founded Spotify a decade ago, it didn’t take long for the company to embed that fact in the software. Soon, playlists became the order of the day. But that is not the only way music personalization can manifest. And listeners themselves may not be the […]


Digital Publishing in Denmark: JP/Politikens Hus’ Skarequist Shares Growing Publisher Ad-Tech Concern

COLOGNE — Whether it was The Guardian urging publishers to take back control of their ad-tech stack or eBay concerned about putting all its eggs in one basket, it is clear that publishers have become increasingly concerned about the benefits they get from using third-party ad-tech platforms. And Danish publisher JP/Politikens Hus is no different. The […]


Trade Desk’s Forbes Calls For Unified UK TV Metrics

COLOGNE — Brands’ demand to buy TV ads on connected TV sets with new targeting capabilities is growing and bringing new kinds of advertisers in to the market – but the powers that be must come together to capitalize on the opportunity. That is the call from one of the leading advertising demand-side platforms, when […]


On Rocket Fuel Anniversary, Sizmek’s Grether ‘Puts AI On Steroids’

COLOGNE — When Sizmek acquired Rocket Fuel in 2017, it was a deal that reset expectations for the ad-tech outlook, closed a chapter on Rocket Fuel and gave Sizmek access to power artificial intelligence power. On the first anniversary of that acquisition, Sizmek says the company can now offer a tightly integrated, native AI capability for his […]


PubMatic’s Klimenko On Three Mid-2018 Mobile Trends

COLOGNE — It makes programmatic buying solutions, real-time bidding tech and header bidding solutions that facilitate more than 12 trillion advertiser bids per quarter – so PubMatic should know a thing or two about mobile ad spend. In its Quarterly Mobile Index (QMI), the tech vendor unveils regular barometers on industry movements, as seen through […]


eBay’s Smith On How The Auction Site Buys Ad-Tech

COLOGNE — For a service that is all about price auctions, you could be forgiven for thinking eBay had programmatic advertising licked. But, in this video interview with Beet.TV, eBay director of ad-tech and innovation, EMEA, Geoff Smith explains how, at its scale, selecting elements of its ad-tech stack can be a headache. “The problem with […]


Addressable TV Hits A Turning Point: Amobee’s Block

COLOGNE — It has been a slow burn for years, but now it seems to be catching fire. With 15% of of marketers now using addressable or advanced TV targeting, and another 20% to 30% more planning to do so, according to the ANA and Forrester, the opportunity finally looks like it has become real. […]


Privacy Will Force Broadcasters To In-House Platforms: VideoAmp’s Prasad

COLOGNE — Over the last couple of years, we have all become familiar with the possibility that media agencies could be “disintermediated” as ad buyers pull certain key functions in-house in a quest for transparency and control. But could the same happen on the sell side, and why? VideoAmp chief strategy officer Jay Prasad thinks […]


VICE Media’s Delport Accuses DSPs Of Censoring Brand-Safe News

COLOGNE — VICE Media has rarely been afraid to pull its punches, always keen to make waves with news from the margins. But how can a company that wants to be ad-funded keep ad-buying brands happy amid all the controversy and harshness of real life? In this video interview with Beet.TV, VICE Media international and […]


New York Times Put Programmatic On Pause In Europe: Jay Glogovsky explains

COLOGNE — When Europe’s new GDPR consumer data law came in to effect on May 24, introducing new limits on how companies could process and target using consumers’ data, it caused a big drop-off in the amount of advertising being bought programmatically. Sharp eyes noticed that programmatic ad demand volume dropped by up to 40%, […]

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