Thrillist’s Rich Threads Publishing From Email To Social

VAIL, CO — It still majors on food and drink, but digital men’s lifestyle publisher Thrillist has expanded a lot in its 12 years online. For one, what started as an email newsletter distributed to 600 friends is no longer just destined for your mailbox. “Our email audience … is the pebble we can throw in the […]


Bloomberg’s Justin Smith Sees Strength In Digital Outstripping TV Audience

VAIL, CO — Bloomberg Media may now be finding its TV audience is almost half the size of that it gets on the Internet – but that doesn’t faze CEO Justin Smith – he thinks putting TV in the shade puts Bloomberg on the right path. “Bloomberg Media is now a majority digital video company,” Smith […]


People Magazine Goes Live With ‘Urgent’ Facebook Video

VAIL, CO — Whether it’s, Twitter’s Periscope or Facebook’s new live-streaming capability, live video is shaping up to be one of the biggest media trends. That’s an opportunity for certain publishers, and People magazine is amongst those showing interest. “It’s all very new at this point. Our approach to live has been opportunistic – […]


Gawker Targets The Gamut Of Ad Formats

VAIL, CO — Gawker Media is surveying all the tools in a publisher’s chest. “In the old days, publishers’ sales process was just about filling that vessel,” Gawker Media executive director Paul Sundue told Beet.TV at the Digiday Publishing Summit in Vail, Colorado. “Now every engagement is like a snow flake. “We have to work with […]


Digiday Aims For Expansion Beyond Marketing While Keeping Focus

VAIL, CO — It’s now five years since Brian Morrissey left Adweek to form Digiday, the site covering media and marketing that has grown in to an industry must-read. What’s next? More besides media and marketing. Digiday is soon to expand in to other topics and regions, Morrissey tells Beet.TV in this video interview. “We’re […]


The Atlantic Embraces Social Distribution, Responsibly

VAIL, CO — In a world where Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Apple are all vying to distribute news content, the new platform giants are becoming kingmakers. Newspapers and magazines face a thorny challenge – do they ride the wave and distribute to millions of social media users, even if they don’t make much money from the partnership? […]