Awesomeness Listened To Gen Z And The Brand ‘Really Took Off,’ Says Bouttier

Not many companies these days compare themselves to the cable television network pioneers of the 70’s and 80’s. Awesomeness is one of them. Using digital pipes instead of coaxial wiring, Awesomeness picked up early funding and set out to capture Gen Z—youths 12 to 24. Just as cable TV networks “erupted out of the new […]


Whistle Sports: Short-Form Video Content About Everything But Live Action

If you’re between the ages of 13 and 34 and love sports but have a short attention span, Whistle Sports was created with you in mind. The global sports media company doesn’t do live sports per se but “everything else,” says Founder and CEO John West. “We provide content that we think is really authentic. […]


All Media Suffer Viewability Issues: Analyst Greenfield

The digital advertising world is striving to get over the recent realisation that a large percentage of purchased inventory may never actually be in-view to real human consumers. But, whilst so-called “viewability” is a rating that has reared its head in digital channels, the idea that other media boasted totally viewable ads is a fallacy. […]


Bloomberg’s Havens Sees Media Storm Before The Calm

The media business continues going through a tumultuous period of creative destruction – but, in the throes of risk, there is also an opportunity for creation and renewal. That is the view of Bloomberg Media’s digital head, as he sets about rebooting TV news through an upcoming partnership with Twitter. “We’re in a tough time,” Scott […]


Condé Nast’s Norton: Video ‘Our Core Medium’ For Storytelling

Condé Nast has decided that while text and images will remain at its roots, video storytelling is the publisher’s path to the future. “Video has to be the core medium by which we tell our stories,” says Jim Norton, Chief Business Officer and President of Revenue. Given its significant investments in premium video to date […]


IAB’s Rothenberg Says Digital Video Via OTT, Mobile Now A ‘Mainstream Consumer Medium’

One big takeaway from the 2017 Digital Content NewFronts on which both buyers and sellers can agree is that “What we’ve been calling digital video has now become a completely mainstream consumer medium,” notes Randy Rothenberg. “The industry is at a complete inflection point. We know that this is big not in the future but […]


Hulu Sticks With Dynamic Ads For Live TV Service

Months in the making, Hulu chose the Digital Content NewFronts – a showcase for online publishers to tout their wares to advertisers – to unveil its new live TV service, promising consumers a way to cut their cable cord whist continuing to receive premium TV channels. The company launched the new service in beta on a number […]


As The NewFronts Morph And Grow, So Does Kassan’s MediaLink

If anyone could discern a possible sea change in the formerly one-day event called the NewFront it would be Michael Kassan. The Chairman and CEO of strategic advisory and business development firm MediaLink witnessed its birthing by Digitas and has become an integral player as the event morphed over the years. And so it is […]


Quality, Context And Environment Keys To Consumer Engagement: Bloomberg’s Grossman

While some news organizations struggle for credibility and survival, Bloomberg Media keeps investing in and growing its portfolio of products across all platforms. These include its impending, 24/7 news service with Twitter, the Bloomberg Lens offering, Bloomberg Trigger for advertisers and its OTT presence in Apple TV. “Personally I think there’s never been a more […]


Twitter’s First NewFronts: More Live Streaming Deals With ‘Entire World Watching,’ Says Berland

Twitter’s first-ever NewFronts presentation, in which a raft of new live-streaming and premium original programming deals were unveiled, takes the company further along a particular path: taking two-screen experiences to one screen “in a way that no one else can,” according to CMO Leslie Berland. The company announced a dozen new collaborations for hundreds of […]


Bank Of America’s Paskalis on Twitter-Bloomberg Combo: “Reeses Peanut Butter Cup Moment for the Media Industry”

Twitter’s new partnership with Bloomberg for 24-hour, live news reporting gets a big thumbs up from Bank of America. “I really believe that this is as good as a combination of chocolate and peanut butter. This may be the Reese’s peanut butter cup moment for the media industry,” says the banking giant’s SVP, Enterprise Media […]


Awesomeness Chases GenZ With Custom Experiences For Brands

As skinny television bundles proliferate, so does Awesomeness, which on May 20 kicks off an original series in a deep, multilayered partnership with youth-oriented retailer Hollister. “We think that it is an amazing time to be a premium content provider,” says Awesomeness Chief Business Officer Kelly Day. Given that many brands are looking to connect […]


New York Times’ Tomich Puts Newsroom In Brand Content Driving Seat

In the three years since it was formed, The New York Times’ sponsored content production agency T Brand Studio has made plenty of custom creative work for clients – now it wants to more tightly integrate its newsroom with the offering. “The big shift this year was… if you look back at the the last three […]


Twitter In Unprecedented Recovery, Says Analyst Greenfield

It’s not often a company sees its share price rise despite reporting a fall in revenue. But that’s what happened to Twitter last week. On Wednesday, the social network company reported Q1 2017 revenue down 24% on the prior year – and yet, Twitter’s share price is up nearly 20% at time of writing. What’s behind […]

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