Don’t Give Up TV’s Broad Reach: AOL’s Ackerman

CANNES — Time was, AOL was just your common or garden dial-up ISP. Now with a booming video empire and as part of the Verizon footprint, it is becoming a player in the converging TV and advertising spaces. That puts Dan Ackerman, AOL’s programmatic TV SVP, who came to AOL via its acquisition of the video ad-tech provider […]


Clients And Tech Late To Measurement Necessity: Bough, Yaccarino, Jankowski, Ackerman, Ray

CANNES — In the old days of advertising, measuring audience was imprecise, but at least it was straightforward. Nowadays, measuring across media channels, and understanding consumers holistically across each, is a huge challenge. But it’s one that might have been advanced quicker, a panel of marketers discussed during the Cannes Lions festival. “The biggest challenge is […]


Carat Panel: TV Industry Must Force Measurement Evolution, Says NBCU’s Yaccarino

CANNES – The television industry needs to act less “precious” about its assets and be more aggressive in finding ways to expand measurement options. This was the view shared by NBCUniversal’s Linda Yaccarino at a discussion sponsored by global media agency Carat. After laying out her company’s three priorities—content investment, data and analytics development and […]