Beet Commentary: “Building the Adaptable Media Enterprise”: “Minimizing Shrinkage in Media”

Shrinkage is an allowance made for a reduction in the earnings of a business due to waste or theft. Sound like ad fraud and viewability issues we are plagued with now as an industry?  TV doesn’t have this problem, however TV companies do because their audiences are spending more and more time on digital platforms. […]


Beet Commentary: “Building the Adaptable Media Enterprise”: “The Media Team of Teams; Agile Talent and Organization Strategies”

General Stanley McChrystal radically changed how the US fights its enemies while leading the Joint Special Forces Operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, and likens his experience at war to the challenges many companies face today. With enemies that were organized in decentralized networks, non-hierarchical with distributed decision-making, leveraging new technologies to communicate in real time, […]


Beet Commentary: “Building the Adaptable Media Enterprise” – Kaizen for Media

Most Fortune 500 companies have implemented some form of continuous improvement in their supply chain or manufacturing processes. The Japanese call this Kaizen, or simply ‘change for better’. Although in media we are not making tangible, physical products, why would we not leverage best practices from other industries to power our enterprise, improve efficiency, and […]


Beet Commentary: The Television BCG Matrix, Ashley Swartz explains

Everyone has heard or used the phrase,”upper right quadrant”, but what does that mean? Well, the BCG [Boston Consulting Group] matrix is a steadfast strategic tool of MBAs and overpaid consultants to analyze a market or company’s health. In episode 4, Swartz maps the TV, Video, distribution and technology players on this matrix and for […]


Commentary: The 4Ps of Television & Video, Ashley Swartz explains

In episode 3 of 12, Ashley looks at the 4Ps of marketing for TV; Product, Price, Place and Promotion, and explores why marketing is key to re-imagining a media business model to ensure survival and sustainable profitability. She suggests that perhaps the 4 Ps of advertising are a bit different, given the convergence of video […]


Beet Commentary: Porter’s 5 Forces of TV & Video, Ashley Swartz explains

In the second episode of this multi-part series, Swartz analyzes the content and distribution landscape using [Michael] Porter’s Five Forces. (power of suppliers &buyers, threat of substitutions or new entrants and competitive rivalry) Through this, she evaluates the difference between yesterday and today; how we have shifted form controlled and protected to intense competitive rivalry […]


Commentary: The Different Economics of New and Old Media

In this first episode in an editorial series called, “Building the Adaptable Media Enterprise,”  Ashley J. Swartz, CEO of  Furious Corp, talks about the operational cost models of traditional (old) vs digital (new) media. The greatest challenge of media companies today is that many digital media companies or businesses struggle to establish and build sustainable levels of profit to […]